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Measuring Network Health

Keywords: Innovation Networks, Network Measurement, Improvement Science, Co-design, Organizational Learning



This project aimed to develop indicators, measurement instruments and data routines to support leaders of designed organizational networks. Working in collaboration with network leaders from the Mozilla Foundation’s Hive Learning Networks across the United States, we worked to co-design a data improvement infrastructure to allow network leaders to continuously improve network health. 


We operationalized five indicators of network health for the Hive Learning Networks: (1) Alignment, (2) Trust, (3) Clarity, (4) Engagement, and (5) Collective Advancement, Learning and Problem Solving. For each indicator, we developed a range of qualitative and quantitative measurement approaches that could be collected and then utilized by network leaders within the context of data sensemaking routines in order to inform network tactics and strategies.


  • Dixie Ching, New York University


  • Mozilla Foundation


  • The MacArthur Foundation

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