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Interconnections: Teaching Systems Thinking through Digital Design

Keywords: Systems Thinking,Making, Computer Science Education,Digital Learning Pedagogy


The Interconnections book series shares over 100 hours of ‘digital making’ curricular units spanning four areas of digital design; digital storytelling through computation, game design, e-textiles and physical computing. The series offers concrete lesson plans that integrate digital making with learning systems thinking, a powerful way of understanding the world as a series of interconnected systems characterized by dynamics like feedback loops, emergence, complexity and non-linear dynamics.   


The approaches were developed through a collaboration between the Creativity Labs at Indiana University, the Institute of Play, the Digital Youth Network at Depaul University and the National Writing Project


  • Kylie Peppler - UC, Irvine

  • Melissa Gresalfi - Vanderbilt University

  • Katie Salen Tekinbaş - UC, Irvine


  • The MacArthur Foundation



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