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Integrated Computational Thinking

Keywords: Computational Thinking, Computer Science Education, Professional Development, Co-design, Interdisciplinary Learning



Integrated Computational Thinking (iCT) is a National Science Foundation funded project aiming to develop a competency-based professional learning program to support middle school teachers to become capable of designing, facilitating, and iterating computational thinking integrated learning experiences in their pedagogy. The project focuses on under-explored subjects when it comes to integration of computational thinking, specifically language arts, social studies, and arts.


  • Aman Yadav, Michigan State University

  • Carlos Léon, Telos Learning

  • Secil Caskurlu, Michigan State University

  • Tom Bijesse, Mouse

  • Kyle Dunbar, Michigan State University

  • Anne Drew Hu, Michigan State University


  • Michigan State University

  • Mouse


  • National Science Foundation


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