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Framing Digital Media and Learning


Keywords: Framing Research, Digital Media and Learning 


This work, part of a larger project focused on understanding the ways that various publics understand issues related to digital media and learning (DML), engaged in a field frame analysis of influential organizations in the education reform field to identify whether and how digital media media and issues are presented in the education reform field. A team from the Frameworks Institute and a group of digital media and learning scholar first identified a set of leading organizations in the field of education reform. The researchers then analyzed the extent to which these organizations discuss DML issues and how they do so. This analysis also looked at more general patterns of organizational communication on education reform issues. The project identified strategic openings into which DML advocates could embed and position their messages in order to improve understanding of their issues and support for their programs — both within the field of education reform, and among the public exposed to messages from these organizations.


  • Shannon Arvizu, Frameworks Institute

  • Dylan Arena, Stanford University

  • Peter Wardrip, University of Pittsburgh

  • Barbara Johnson, University of Minnesota

  • Adam Simon, FrameWorks Institute

  • Suzanne Lo, FrameWorks Institute

  • Tia Remington-Bell, FrameWorks Institute

  • Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor, FrameWorks Institute


  • The MacArthur Foundation




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