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Digital Equity Ecosystems Measurement


Keywords: Digital Equity, Collective Action, Network Measurement, Improvement Science, Co-design, Organizational Learning

Community-based coalitions play critical roles in advancing goals of digital equity, including creation of affordable broadband access, fostering digital literacy, and supporting grassroots governance around community technology. This project aims to support digital equity ecosystems through the development of common measurement tools that can be used by coalition stakeholders to provide data and evidence to help practitioners, philanthropic organizations, and local, state, and federal policymakers develop more effective digital equity strategies. As the National Telecommunications and Information Administration releases billions of dollars in the next five years through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, it will be particularly important that digital equity coalitions are positioned to not only show the impact of their work, but have key indicators that can be tracked to support improvement of their work. This project is working collaboratively with digital equity coalition leaders in order to co-develop data collection approaches that support these goals.


  • Colin Rhinesmith, Metropolitan New York Library Council



  • Metropolitan New York Library Council


  • Metropolitan New York Library Council


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